Sailing World Championships

The Sailing World Championships 2018 are taking place in Aarhus, Denmark for 2018. Here’s everything you need to know about how to follow the races and watch live online.

The Sailing World Championships 2018 is one of the biggest events in the sailing calendar (as the name might suggest), determining not only its own medal races but also qualifications for some 2020 Olympic events. This year the event is taking place in Aarhus, Denmark, and here’s everything you need to know to watch along live.

The Sailing World Cup Miami will be live streaming from the race courses, starting at 11 am EST. Note, the YouTube link will not be live until that time.

When are the Sailing World Championships?

The championships are actually already taking place – they started on 30 July and finish on 12 August 2018, with the big medal races mostly taking part over the final weekend.

The previous championships took place in Santander in 2014, with the next happening in The Hague in 2022. All ten Olympic boat classes for Tokyo 2020 will be featured in the championships, which are expected to determine a lot of the qualifiers for the Tokyo tournament between the 100 nations taking part.

How to watch 2018 Sailing World Championships

As big as the World Championships are, sailing still isn’t quite a mainstream sporting event, so it might be tricky to watch a lot of the tournament live on TV. The good news is that there’s actually an easier way: the biggest races will stream live on YouTube.

The World Sailing TV channel is the place to be, with a combination of live streams of every day’s races and highlights coverage of the best action.

Head to the channel’s live coverage playlist to find the appropriate video for each day of live footage, or just check out its latest videos if you simply want to watch highlight’s of today’s races. The tournament’s official website is also tracking each day’s results if you just want a quick update.

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